Valuation Services:

Appraisal is the origin and the base of our company is valuation.  We understand that many of the questions and issues involving real property have, at minimum, a tangential link to value.  That makes understanding valuation techniques, motivations, the market, and value itself the structural pillars of our company.  That is also why our value proposition is:

Superior results arising from exceptional valuation expertise!

Property Tax Consulting Services:

Property taxes erode the net productivity and value of your investment portfolio.  Since the conflict relates to the value of your property (both real and personal), it makes sense to rely on valuation experts to evaluate and present your case.  Whether the issue is assessed value exceeding market or unequal appraisal of your property compared to your competitors, NRC delivers results.  See our Property Tax Consulting page for more details.

Consultation/Evaluation Services:

The estimation of value, whether market or some other defined value, may not always serve the needs of a particular client.  We possess the experience and expertise to be able to offer a variety of services that complement traditional valuation.  In addition to valuation, we provide:

Counseling Services:

Providing competent, disinterested and unbiased advice, professional guidance, and sound judgment on diversified problems in the broad field of real estate.  Counseling on all facets of real estate are provided.  Some examples include: